Voters For Life

UPDATE COMING!!! This site reflects Queensland's previous parliament before the 2012 election.....

No matter how many petitions you raise or how often you share your concerns - when it comes to the crunch on life issues such as abortion, your local member will still vote the way they want to. This is why we need proven pro-life members in government.

Voters For Life enables you to make this happen. The Voters for life project is run and maintained by volunteers

What Voters For Life does is easy and it works. Register today and be part of a positive change.

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2012 Queensland General Election: See how the parties compare on pro-life and family values.

Family Life Voting Guide for Queensland 2012 election DOWNLOAD PDF

Family Voice Australia Voting Guide for Queensland 2012 election Click here

Christian Values Checklist DOWNLOAD PDF

Remember when you vote in Queensland state elections it is better to NUMBER EVERY BOX

Watch this video to understand how preferences work Click Here

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